Talent & HR

Intelligent Automation to Source, Screen, & Shortlist Top Talent

Reshape HR Operations With AI-Driven Innovations

We build AI-driven models that can help you with talent acquisition making recruitment easy, fast, and transparent. Our expertise in technologies such as AI and machine learning can help in optimizing the entire value chain of HR and recruitment, beginning from creating the job requisition, to resume matching, to candidate engagement.


With Wavelabs Insight, we have built and validated models that go beyond simple keyword matching, and identify the most qualified candidates by screening resumes contextually. These cognitive models can also grade the resumes in real-time to reveal new insights for better candidate profiles, improving the hiring and recruiting process.


With Wavelabs Insight, we have built and validated Deep Learning (DL) models to handle facial recognition and authentication, identity governance, and access management. We have expertise in building smart solutions that provide single sign-on from any device, enhanced security with multi-factor authentication, and protection for privileged accounts.


We have built solutions to track time, add billable contracts, and generate invoices. We have the expertise to build AI models that can monitor web & app usage in real-time, generate data-driven analytics reports, track keyboard and mouse activity, and much more.

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