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Predictive Maintenance at Scale

Optimizing Asset Reliability with Analytics-Driven Maintenance

Wavelabs Insight unifies disparate operational data from industrial equipments into analytics-driven predictive maintenance models. This framework includes collecting, organizing and analysing asset data, usage and environment reports to correlate with any known issues to improve maintenance planning.

Anomaly Detection

Leverage AI to Foresee Problems Before They Occur

Machine Failure

Transform Maintenance & Service Operations

Remaining Useful Life

Achieve Higher Operational Effectiveness

Why Work With Us

At Wavelabs, we have designed and built a dedicated framework that deploys AI models using open source data science tools for model training and prediction to ensure 100% machine uptime by scheduling repairs and replacements exactly when it is needed.

reduces Maintenance time

Wavelabs Insight provides for automatic reports for strategic maintenance scheduling and proactive repairs to reduce maintenance time and decrease overall maintenance costs.

increases operational efficiency

The framework provides actionable and data-driven recommendations to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with regularly scheduled maintenance and root cause analysis of assets to uncover issues ahead of failure.

increases asset availability

With data-driven insights, this framework can help you predict failures early and implement corrective actions, increasing asset availability, and reducing downtime.

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