Relying on Smarter MRIs to Aid in Better Decision Making

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With the aim to save hundreds of hours of valuable time in analyzing MRI Scans, Wavelabs built an AI solution powered by deep learning algorithms designed to bridge the gap in the imaging space, empowering medical experts, patients, and other decision-makers, and potentially simplifying the dynamics of the imaging workflow.

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Data Pipeline

Built and trained on a collection of high-quality MRI scan images, Wavelabs Insight can ensure better image processing results with reduced variability. 2D and 3D visualization and representation tools are integrated into the pipeline to ensure that the right datasets are sent for training the algorithms.

Training Pipeline

Be it the cloud-powered GPU offerings that trigger deep neural networks like semantic segmentation customized to the task at hand or the advanced API, seamless interfaces, and simple to use GUI - with Wavelabs Insight, the stakeholders will have it all on a platter. This framework can accelerate the reach and benefits of AI technology to enable the stakeholders to do more in less time.


Inference Pipeline

The Insights framework provides advanced post-processing capabilities for work with 3D images. The inferencing pipeline can generate high-quality renderings of the identified masked areas superimposed on the original image for easy visual localization and further investigation. With this framework, radiologists can treat a medical imaging result as a source of data that aids in having a full understanding of a patient’s condition.

Monitoring and Logging

Wavelabs Insight also provides for real-time quantification and progression monitoring services within its framework. It provides for fully automated detection, quantification, and visualization of key metrics at each step of the process.



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