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AI Solutions that Lead to Higher Customer Satisfaction

Unlock the Power of AI Customer Service in Your Business

We help you create meaningful experiences for your customers at every touchpoint and on every channel, throughout the entire customer journey. Wavelabs Insight can help build AI solutions to securely automate ticket resolution, boost agent productivity, and provide a world-class customer experience. We help build AI service and support solutions for email, chat, messaging, and voice.


We build conversational chatbots that can securely handle billions of customer interactions, and everyday tasks. Our deep learning (DL) and natural language understanding (NLU) models are pre-trained in conversational and industry-specific skills. And we use proprietary algorithms for sentiment analysis, intent, and tone recognition – even emojis – to provide the optimal experience for your customers.


We leverage Wavelabs Insight, and our expertise in DL and NLU technologies to build models that can help contact center supervisors gain actionable insights from emails and chats so they can properly align, resource, and prioritize responses and tickets.


With Wavelabs Insight, we have built and validated AI models to automate processes, predict customer behavior, and inform and enable better decision making. Combined with rich data, these models can provide marketers with deeper context around their customers’ intent and interests so they can better engage with them – leading to better relationships and stronger ROI.

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